Research Team

Dr. Maureen Cheserek:
Principle investigator in charge of the interventions and reporting- Department of Human Nutrition Egerton University

Prof. Isaiah Tabu:
Contract Authorized Signatory, Egerton University Liaison person and in charge of publishing – Department of Agronomy Egerton University

Dr. Rose C. Ramkat:
Programme coordination and quality control;

Dorothy M. Mungiria:
Financial/ contract contact person- In charge of data collection, tools preparation, enumerator training-Department of Human Nutrition Egerton University.

Jacqueline Baraza:
Link to the community and County Government and mobilization in the field- Ministry of Agriculture, Nakuru County

Dr. ir. CĂ©line Termote and Dr.Gina Kennedy:

Bioversity International for scientific advice and backstopping.